The IJoy eBook – Smokingcessively

The newest product from the world of electronic cigarettes and vapors, the iJoy Vape is a perfect gift for all those people who are just beginning to enjoy the benefits of smoking without the associated dangers. When it first hit the market, it immediately found a following of die hard smokers who wanted nothing more than to be able to quit smoking without risking their health and well being. The reason this product has become so successful is because it combines the very best of the vaporizing industry with the best in electronic cigarettes. These devices are now considered to be top of the line by professionals in the industry, and they have nothing but good things to say about them. If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone who is eager to kick the habit, the iJoy Vape is perfect!

ijoy vape

The main selling point of the iJoy is its revolutionary new design, which allows it to provide an electronic cigarette experience that is completely comparable to the actual experience one experiences while puffing on a real cigarette. This is achieved through its distinctive electronic cigarette technology that makes it extremely easy for vapers to switch out their liquids to go from a solid state liquid to a vapor state liquid without changing the batteries at all. It also allows the user to experience the smoothest smoking experience possible with its temperature control feature that is second to none.

When it comes to vapor production, the iJoy uses the very latest in vapor technology called the TempWinder. This device is a quartz digital temperature controller that automatically regulates the heating elements, providing your electronic cigarette with the precise amount of heat needed for optimal vapor production. No more guessing which parts of the heating element are getting hot. The TempWinder not only regulates the heating element, it also controls the airflow. By combining these two technologies, the iJoy Juice is capable of providing the vapor production required to really get your nicotine fix.

The other thing that sets the iJoy Vape apart from other vapor products is the superior quality of the product. The unit is not only of the highest quality possible, it is also a very convenient unit to use. The unit comes in a sleek and attractive box mod form that has a built in battery pack and a USB charging station. There are also a number of interchangeable parts available from the box mod itself. This mod is not only compact but also incredibly durable and strong.

Using the iJoy Juice is extremely easy and the replacement cartridges are readily available to go with each purchase. The unit is very lightweight and easy to carry. The overall quality of the unit is definitely one notch above the rest and that is what puts it ahead of the competition.

While the price of this unit is slightly on the higher end, it definitely pays for itself over time when you see the results of its durability and quality. The body of the unit is made out of glass and it has an unbreakable pump that ensures that the vapor is delivered directly into the lungs. There are a variety of options for the Vapes from which to choose, ranging from clear varieties to different colored variants. There are also different sizes to choose from for the tank that holds the vapor for you to enjoy.

When it comes to the actual electronic cigarette, there are a lot of benefits to utilizing this type of device to help you quit smoking. The main benefit is that you won’t have any unpleasant side effects such as coughing, hacking, or mouth sores that often happen when you are smoking. Another benefit is that you won’t get that smoker’s cough that often happens when you smoke. Most people who use this method also report that they are much more alert throughout their day and that they don’t wake up feeling as tired as they did before. You will definitely notice a dramatic difference in your energy level throughout the day when you utilize this electronic cigarette.

The great thing about this electronic cigarette is that it doesn’t contain any type of nicotine at all. All that it contains are herbal extracts that act in conjunction with your body to help you experience the same results you would get from smoking a traditional cigarette. The ingredients used in this electronic cigarette blend perfectly with your body to help you end the harmful effects of tobacco while still allowing you to enjoy the flavors found in apple pie. This is a very convenient and effective way to end your smoking addiction while still maintaining a healthy life. If you suffer from chronic illness or are suffering from a smoking related disease, the Vapes could be exactly what you need.

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